chauvinist pig

chauvinist pig
   Often in the phrase ‘male chauvinist pig’. Applied to a man, usually by a woman speaker, if she thinks he is displaying an attitude of male superiority over women, or contempt for women who demand equal rights. Such attitudes, of course, are often indicated by the terms of address such men use to women. The Choirboys, by Joseph Wambaugh, has the following exchange:
   ‘All these cunts are like that these days. Wanna be truck drivers. I say back em up and give em a load, they wanna be truck drivers.’
   ‘You ain’t got a load, Roscoe, you dirty mouthed chauvinist pig!’ said Carolina Moon.
   ‘Who asked you? You a libber or something?’ Roscoe challenged.
   Women’s libbers, fighting for the liberation of women, are the arch-enemies of male chauvinist pigs.

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